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Long Beach Leaders are Readers: Sean Reilly, LBPLF President-elect

Long Beach Leaders are Readers features leaders in our community as they share their recommended reads. We’re ending our year with a very special feature: Sean Reilly, the incoming Library Foundation Board of Directors President. Currently serving as President-elect, Mr. Reilly will officially assume his two-year term in January, demonstrating his commitment to fostering literacy and community engagement in Long Beach.

Mr. Reilly has shared the following reading recommendation. Enjoy!

The Atlantis Gene


A.G. Riddle

I selected book 1 in the trilogy (The Atlantis Trilogy) Titled The Atlantis Gene- by A.G. Riddle. This book speaks to my inner science fiction geek as it touches on the human science of genetic code, humanity’s future, and an amazing structure found on a floating giant Antarctic iceberg. As a reader/visualizer with a learning approach that is “spacial objective,” reading has always been a challenge for me in maintaining my interest, and A.G. Riddle is on point regarding my ability to stay engaged.

Like my other science fiction loves of Star Trek, Star Wars, and Stargate Atlantis, this writer and trilogy touches on hope for humanity, our innate sense of curiosity, and the constant need to explore the world around us and even space. This is very much a passion of mine, and this book takes me to those places, explores the unknown, and provides hope for humanity even through the many trials throughout the trilogy.

I hope I can inspire others who have the same challenges with reading. Enjoy this author’s way of weaving his storylines that feeds a spacial objective person’s desire to read and take the journey(s) others take while read and take the journey(s) others take while reading!

-Sean Reilly, Long Beach Public Library Foundation Board of Directors President-elect

Part of our Long Beach Leaders are Readers program includes inviting the featured leader to sign the inside of their book recommendation so that future patrons who check the book out will be able to learn about the significance of the book to our local leaders. Keep an eye out for the signed recommendations at your local branch!

Find “The Atlantis Gene” at your local neighborhood branch!