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Long Beach Leaders are Readers — Margaret Durnin

This is the first feature in our new series in which leaders in our community will share recommended reads available in the Long Beach Public Library’s collection.

Margaret Durnin with her husband, Charley, in the Billie Jean King Main Library.

Margaret Durnin, Founder of the Long Beach Public Library Foundation

In honor of Women’s History Month, Margaret has shared a couple of her current favorite books written by women.

Life Under Cover: Coming of Age in the CIA by Amaryllis Fox
At twenty-one, Amaryllis Fox was recruited by the CIA as she exited her university studies. Her memoir reads like a suspenseful spy novel and the reader must continue to remind herself that this story is true.

Elephant Company by Vicki Constantine Croke 
Elephant Company is a wonderful tale of friendship, breathtaking bravery, and daring during WWII when Imperial Japanese forces invaded Burma in 1942. One particular tusker, Bandoola, attempts to lead his band of elephants and desperate refugees over an impossible mountainous trek to India.