Long Beach Public Library Foundation

What’s Carnegie49?

Carnegie49 is a group of donors who’ve committed to recognizing the Foundation in a legacy gift. The Society is named after Andrew Carnegie because of his generous work spreading literacy across the country with numerous libraries, from New York to California. In fact, the first library in Long Beach was a Carnegie library—the 49th Carnegie library in the state. Andrew Carnegie’s gift to our country was more than a series of buildings. He championed the value of literacy and equal access to educational resources for everyone. He used his resources to advocate in tangible ways for this to be a country where literacy is not a privilege but a right. The Long Beach Public Library Foundation reflects those values in our own mission, to encourage literacy and education for all members of the community.  The members of our Carnegie49 society are committed to carrying those values on for generations to come. We’re grateful for their gifts.

Our Foundation’s Carnegie49 society honors those who care deeply about the future of Long Beach’s public libraries, and name the Long Beach Public Library Foundation as a beneficiary of their estate. Estate Gifts can ensure the ongoing provision of specialized programs that are dear to you as a donor. When you join Carnegie49, the Long Beach Public Library Foundation is able to thank and honor you during your lifetime. Your membership also helps inspire others to make similar donations.

Carnegie49 members receive:

  • Invitations to an annual recognition event and special library gatherings including author talks, lectures and cultural programs
  • Listing in the Long Beach Public Library Foundation newsletter
  • Acknowledgement as a Carnegie49 member on the Long Beach Public Library Foundation website.

If you have any questions about Carnegie49 or considering the Foundation in your estate planning, please contact Erica Bradley at 562-628-2441 or Erica@lbplfoundation.org.

Thank You To Our Carnegie49 Members:

  • Allan and Dorothy D. Abrahamse
  • Seymour and Reva Alban
  • Cheryl R. Avirom
  • Tom Mayes and Mary E. Barton
  • Margaret Benkert
  • Carol Brooks
  • Paul and Claudine Burnett
  • Claire S. Carsman
  • Ruth Florea and Thomas J. Clark
  • Susan DeLand
  • Margaret and Charley Durnin
  • Barbara Egyud
  • Richard D. Green
  • Frances S. Grover
  • Doris H. Gylseth
  • Steve Hinds and Mary Hancock Hinds
  • Cordelia Howard
  • Lorrie Hutton
  • Stephanie S. James
  • Richard J. and Janet R. Katz
  • Ivor Kraft
  • Mary Lamo-Putnam in memory of Russell Putnam
  • Joseph Le Conte Jr.
  • Drs. Mary Barton and Tom Mayes
  • Sara and David Myers
  • Larry and Kimberly E. Neipling
  • Anne P. Newman
  • Ellen Phenpimon
  • Lee and Susan T. Redfield
  • Eugene R. Richey
  • Peter and Eleanore L.M. Schmidt
  • Ernest and Doris J. Soriano
  • Michael A. Stugrin and Brian Buchanan
  • Janice B. Wills