Long Beach Public Library Foundation

The Giving Branch

The Giving Branch is a society of the Library Foundation’s most dedicated supporters. Its members join together to learn more about issues that impact libraries, the literary world, and literacy.

Giving Branch members each give $1,000 or more annually, independent of any other gifts they may make to the Library Foundation during the year. Together they:

  • Learn more about new programs and activities taking place within the Library and how their support impacts the Library;
  • Hear issues-based presentations about literacy, libraries, and related current trends and topics (e.g., the growing movement to ban books, poetry, the future of journalism, etc.);
  • Serve as valued advocates for the work of the Long Beach Public Library as it supports current Library programs, meets challenges, and invests in new ideas;
  • Meet others who appreciate and support our Long Beach Public Libraries; and
  • Engage new members, helping to strengthen the Library Foundation and enable it to do more for the families of Long Beach.


  • Invitations to salons hosted by fellow members in their homes or at other interesting sites in Long Beach featuring guest speakers or panels and updates on the impact of Foundation funding and Library accomplishments.
  • Notice about Library events such as poetry nights, film screenings, book clubs, and special events.
  • Personal recognition as a Giving Branch member in our year-end report/newsletter and website.
  • Listing in media and press releases that celebrate the group and its impact.
  • Ambassadorial opportunities engaging members to serve as advocates by sharing action alerts and calls to recruit new members to the Branch. Both allow members to support libraries and our Foundation beyond their valuable financial contributions.
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes tours of the Billie Jean King Main Library.